A Better Deal Than Building it Yourself

Custom Lux PCs is your go-to destination for high-quality custom-built computers at unbeatable prices. What sets us apart in the competitive PC market is our commitment to providing top-notch PC for a better deal than building it yourself. We offer a better quality than if you built it yourself, along with Windows operating system, updates and drivers installed, top notch cable management, 1 year warranty, free lifetime technical support, and free shipping!

How is this possible?

  1. Direct Sourcing: One key factor in our ability to offer the best prices is our direct sourcing of computer parts from manufacturers. We have contracts with top brands such as ASUS, MSI, EVGA, and Deepcool. By eliminating intermediaries and purchasing components directly from the source, we cut down on unnecessary markup costs, allowing us to pass those savings on to our customers. This means you get top-tier hardware at a fraction of the price you’d find elsewhere.
  2. Low Overhead: Furthermore, our cost-effective approach extends beyond procurement. Unlike many competitors, we keep our marketing and salary overhead low, focusing on delivering value where it matters most – in the quality of our PCs. Our streamlined operations enable us to allocate more resources to building high-performance systems, enhancing the user experience, and ensuring every penny spent by our customers counts toward superior computing power.
  3. No Outsourcing: Lastly, when you choose Custom Lux PCs, you’re not just getting exceptional hardware; you’re also gaining access to our in-house technical support team. We don’t outsource our customer support because we believe in providing direct, efficient assistance to our customers. This approach allows us to maintain the highest standards of service, ensuring that your experience with our PCs remains smooth and hassle-free from the moment you purchase to long after it’s in your hands. Our dedicated support team is there to address any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring that your custom PC experience is unparalleled in terms of both performance and customer service. When you choose Custom Lux PCs, you’re not just getting a computer; you’re getting a trusted partner in your computing journey.

In many cases, we can give you a better deal than if you built it yourself. There are however limitations to this claim. We cannot offer lower prices than used PCs on Facebook marketplace for the simple reason that we do not sell junk! Every PC is handcrafted with the user experience in mind. This makes the decision clear that Custom Lux PCs is your go-to custom PC provider if you want an unbeatable price with high quality and the best possible support available.

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