Why Choose Custom Lux?

…Let’s Count the Ways!

Flexible Prices & Specs

We understand that times are tough which is why we are willing to work with all of our customers on price and specifications. In many times we can offer alternatives that will give you the same or better performance while saving you money! We have flexible shipping and payment options too.

PC Part Picker on Steroids

The larger companies like Ibuypower offer CONFIGURABLE PCs where you have a limited selection of parts from a drop-down menu. We can offer ANY PART from ANY GENERATION! We understand that older CPUs and GPUs are still ready for modern gaming. This option also saves you money!

PC Gaming Made Easy

We are in constant communication with all of our customers through text, email, and phone regarding spec lists, quotes, and after order tech support. Since we are a small business, there are no wait times when contacting Custom Lux PCs. In today’s automated world, we take pride in providing a personalized custom PC experience.

ONLY Company Offering Mining

Custom Lux PCs offers custom mining rigs THAT CAN ALSO GAME! Earn crypto when you’re not gaming and be able to pay off your own PC. Only Custom Lux supports this feature. We offer mining rigs with Dual-OS configuration, meaning you can mine using HiveOS then game and browse the web using Windows, all on the same machine!