Custom Lux PCs Market Analysis and Operations


Owner: Patrick DePaolo, PhD

Last Updated: April 2024

Provided Services: Custom Lux PCs provides custom desktop and laptop solutions to gamers, streamers, editors, industry professionals, and general users. We have the fastest build times in the industry, competitive pricing, flexible payment options, and unbeaten customer support. We are located in New Jersey and serve the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Market Analysis:

  • Since 2020, Custom Lux PCs has been an emerging leader in the custom PC industry. With customized desktops starting at $600, we offer options for any budget. Our top 5 competing brands have an average starting price of $1000 for a lower end PC which often cannot perform as well as our $700-800 options.
    • Note: We do not offer cheap options for the sake of lowering the price. Even our lower priced products are built to perform well. For example, our competitors offer lower end PC models without graphics cards which are not sufficient for gaming. These PCs are marketed as gaming PCs to trick potential customers or their children. We are transparent with the capabilities of all products and do not sell junk
  • We offer the best price to performance ratios in the industry. For example, the average price of our top 5 competitors RTX 4070 Ti PCs (Mid-high end gaming) is $2165.17 while our average price is $1852.34 over our last 50 RTX 4070 Ti PCs. We continue this trend at every price point and specification.
  • The reasons why we are able to offer the best pricing for custom builds are that we have low overhead and low marketing costs. This allows us to provide more value for the customer. We also do not out-source our technical support to provide a more direct mode of communication.
  • We have an average build time of 1 week which beats the nearest competitor’s average build time of 4-6 weeks.
  • Our average customer support response time during normal business hours is 2 minutes via text or call. Our top 5 competitors have an average wait time of 15 minutes via phone call or more.
  • Overall, Custom Lux PCs provides the best value, communication, quality, and transparency compared to our competitors.

Operation: We operate by accepting customer orders that are paid upfront, via financing, or down payment (local customers only). The accepted payment details are presented in the “Payment Methods” section of this document. After the order is placed, our expert team builds the PC, sends the customer final pictures, installs all of the required drivers, updates, software, and tests the PCs for glitches and defects. After the PC is securely packaged, we ship via UPS ground and provide tracking to the customer. The shipping damage rate is 0.85% out of 1140 shipments this year. We provide a detailed unboxing video and documentation for all customers and our experts are available after the customer receives the PC if questions arise. 

How it works: Customers can start by contacting us through social media, our website, or via text at 732-284-6803. We respond quickly and will aid in the specification and budget selection process. Whether the customer knows which components he/she wants or not, we will help design a perfect option for the customer’s budget and performance needs.

For those looking to order our preconfigured options which are optimized for gamers, streamers, editors, or professionals, please visit our “buy-it-now builds” section here:

Payment Methods: We accept all credit and debit cards, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, Cashapp, Cash, Check, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Affirm, Afterpay, and Paypal Pay Later.

For non-pickup customers, the order must be completed to initiate the build process. Local customers have the option to start with a 30% minimum non-refundable down payment to start the build process. The remainder of the payment must be submitted at pick-up or personal delivery to our representative.

  • Financing: We offer monthly payment methods which require a credit check. Affirm, Afterpay, and Paypal Credit (also known as pay later) are accessed at the checkout process on the payment information page. These financing options are accepted for all pre-configured and custom built PCs.

  • Trade-in Program: We offer a trade-in program for your current desktop PC (we do not accept laptops). You have two options for this program: the purchase of the new PC will be paid in full (or the order must be placed with financing). The new PC will be prepared and sent to the customer. The customer will return the trade-in PC after receiving the new one. After we receive the trade-in, we will give a partial refund for the trade-in value of the PC. The second option is, trade-in PC will be sent to us first. We will then inspect it and start the build process for the new PC. Payment can be made once the build process begins but this is not required. Payment is however due in full (or by financing) before the new PC ships.

Warranty and Coverage: Our warranty and policy information can be found here: Policies and Warranties – Gaming and Professional PCs | Custom Lux PC (

In short, we provide a 1 year – lifetime warranty for all customers (depending on your PC and preference) which covers all parts and labor. The warranty does not cover return shipping if the customer needs to send their PC back to us. If the customer has an issue that cannot be repaired remotely with our tech support, we may recommend local PC repair shops in the area to fix the problem quickly and we cover all expenses besides travel. All damages caused by shipping are covered. Accidental damage or drops are not covered. Hardware tampering is not covered. Damage caused by overclocking, cheating (hardware ban), or viruses are not covered.

Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by these lending partners: