Warranty and Policies

  • All PCs arrive with activated windows 10/11 Pro operating system and tested for updated drivers and expected performance before shipping or pickup
  • All PCs include free lifetime 24 hour tech support by using the “Contact” button or by texting us here


  • Each system comes with a 1 year warranty unless otherwise mentioned in the order. We also offer lifetime warranties for selected PCs. You can invoke the warranty on any system that shows functional defect that can be proven to not be the effect of:​​

               -Hardware tampering
               -Viruses or software misuse
               -Cryptocurrency mining (with the exception of dedicated mining rigs)

  • Regarding mining rigs, your warranty is void if you neglect the system hardware or software in any way. Neglect is up to our discretion.
  • In the rare event that your PC is damaged during shipping, it will covered under the warranty. Your PC will be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. 
  • In addition to the Custom Lux warranty, laptops include a 3-5 year extended manufacturer warranty that we will initiate on your behalf, if needed. 

Custom Lux is not liable for the following issues:

  • Power issues caused by home electrical failures/surges/or other environmental conditions
  • Damage caused by hardware or software tampering (overclocking, modifications, hardware bans)
  • Software viruses and cyber-attacks
  • Liquid spills and other physical damages

Shipping Policies

  • Shipping in continental United States and Canada is free!
  • International shipping (besides Canada) starts at $300
  • Free pick-up option in Jersey City, NJ and East Brunswick, NJ
  • Free personal delivery and installation services are available in most of central and northern New Jersey.

     Returns and Cancelled Orders

    • Products are eligible for free return within 30 days IF THERE IS A MALFUNCTION with the PC (buyer pays return shipping)
    • Returns that are not due to hardware malfunction are subject to a 30% restocking fee for 30 days. We maintain a high restocking fee because each PC is personally crafted for you.
          -Hardware malfunction is defined by an issue that does not void the above warranty​
    • Orders that are cancelled after 24 hours from when they are placed are subject to labor and shipping fees associated with the time and funds required to start or ship your custom build. 
    • Use the “Request a Return” button at the bottom of the page to submit a return request.


    • We accept down payments for qualifying local orders. A minimum of 30% down payment is due before the build process begins, while the remainder is due at delivery. The 30% down payment is nonrefundable.

    NOTE: Custom Lux PCs, Inc is an officially registered small business based in Jersey City, NJ 07307. We have three operating platforms which include this website, Facebook, and Instagram. We do not have authorized sales on any other platform (offerup.com, Poshmark, Mercari, etc). If you see an advertisement for a Custom Lux PC with our logo or contact information on unauthorized platforms, please contact 732-284-6803 via call or text or email us at customluxpc@gmail.com to report fraud.