Custom Lux Data Science and Deep Learning Workstation





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Custom Lux Data Science and Deep Learning Workstation


Custom Lux GPU server platforms, powered by NVIDIA A100/RTX Tensor Core GPUs, deliver unprecedented acceleration and flexibility for AI, data analytics, and HPC applications. The combination of massive GPU-accelerated compute, state-of-the-art server hardware, and software optimizations enable organizations to scale to hundreds or thousands of nodes to meet the biggest challenges of the next generation of AI applications. All of this paired with the best customer support and prices makes Custom Lux the only choice for your high demand projects.

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Key Applications:

  • Deep Learning Training
  • Artificial Intelligence Training
  • Animation and Modeling
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC)


Custom Lux Data Science and Deep Learning Workstation Specifications:

Processor: AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7995WX 2.5 Ghz 96-core sTR5 Processor

Motherboard: ASUS Pro WS TRX50-SAGE WIFI sTR5 CED Motherboard

RAM: 64 GB DDR5 5200 Mhz RGB

Solid State Drive: 2 TB Samsung Gen 5 990 Pro M.2 NVMe SSD (Ask for modifications)

Graphics card: 2 X NVIDIA RTX 4090 24 GB (Up to 8 GPUs, A4000 – A6000 Ada, NVIDIA Tesla, and more!)

Case: E-ATX case with maximum cooling (Ask for server rack and more)

Power Supply: Corsair 1600W Power Supply 80+ Gold with 10 year warranty

Cooler: Custom Ryzen Threadripper air cooling

Features: Wifi, Windows or Linux Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), all drivers and updates installed, lifetime warranty, free lifetime tech support


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